The Impetuous Bride now available on

I’m delighted to announce the release of my newest audiobook, The Impetuous Bride by Kelly McClymer! If you listened to The Next Best Bride and wondered whatever became of Rosaline Fenster, Helena’s twin sister, this is the book for you.

Rosaline Fenster has always been the black sheep of her proper Victorian family. She prefers to chart her own path, even if she must dress as a man on occasion to do what must be done. Escaping her life as an English lady by emigrating to America, Ros has found adventure by helping runaway slaves find freedom. But now her path west has set her on a collision course with Wagonmaster Rob Lewis. Rob doesn’t want anything to disrupt his wagon train’s journey west. Not escaped slaves. Not his own daughter. And especially not his late wife’s cousin – a woman who dares to do what she thinks right, damn the consequences.

You can purchase this title from by clicking here.