Perfect Revenge available on Audible!

I noticed today that a short young adult book I recorded for Orca Book Publishers is up for sale on Audible. I’ve recorded about six of these books from the Orca Currents series, and this seems to be the only one currently available for purchase, but perhaps there will be more in the future! The concept behind these books is very interesting to me. They are written for about a third or fourth grade reading level, but deal with high school themes. I think they’d be a great tool for reluctant or delayed readers, or ESL students, who may be reading several levels behind their age group but don’t want to read stories written for little kids.

(Incidentally, I had exactly the opposite problem as a child – I was perfectly capable of reading books that were way above my grade level and thus TOTALLY inappropriate for me. Luckily my mother never really censored what I was reading, which may explain something about how I turned out. But I digress.)

Something I very much appreciate as an audiobook narrator is that, because these books are meant to model correct grammar, they are scrupulously copy edited. I think in all six Orca books I narrated, I found one mistake in the text. (This is unheard of. Try reading a few pages of any commercially published book out loud and you will find the editing mistakes that your eye skips over when you’re just reading silently.)

Anyway, if you have a teenager in your life, they may enjoy Perfect Revenge. It’s a fun story that kind of reminded me of the movie The Craft. Hopefully some of my other Orca books will be available through Audible soon as well.