Upcoming audiobooks: The Impetuous Bride and The Ex Files

I’m pleased to be working with author Kelly McClymer on two more audiobooks which will be available for purchase in the coming months. If you enjoyed The Next Best Bride, you will love The Impetuous Bride, which is the story of Helena’s twin sister Ros and her adventures in America. I have to admit that Ros was my favorite character from The Impetuous Bride, so I’m looking forward to telling her story next.

After that, I’ll be releasing The Ex Files, the story of a young woman who’s feeling unfulfilled in her career and anxious about turning 30. Not that I can relate to either of those feelings at all (she said sarcastically, two weeks before turning 29) so this is a very meaningful book for me.

In other big news, I quit my day job! This is likely to be a temporary state of affairs (I know you’ll be shocked, shocked, to hear that audiobook narrating doesn’t pay the bills unless you’re Jim Dale) but while I have time on my hands you can look forward to lots of new releases, both through Audible and LibriVox.